We greatly appreciate the participation of the talented group of architects that have joined us in the process of overseeing the competition and selecting an extraordinary design for the permanent Humanitarian Respite Center.

Their willingness to go above and beyond by donating their time, skills, expertise and insight will ensure this visionary project will come to fruition soon.

Read more about the architects involved in the competition here.

Catholic Charities of the RGV, understanding the relevance of the work of the humanitarian respite center to positively impact those most vulnerable and in need, has the vision of building a space that provides welcome, respite, nourishment, support and healing. With this purpose it has launched an open design competition for talented architects to submit solutions that reflect and go beyond the purpose of the building. The focus is to create an architectural symbol and a place of communion and community. It should be a beacon of hope that shines a light on the values expressed within its space.

The bases and all information relevant for the competition are found by clicking here on the Archdaily platform.

Entries are encouraged from individuals or teams of architects of any age or experience level, provided one member of the design team holds an Architectural License in Texas, or the ability to obtain one within 90 days of selection.

The submission deadline is on November 9, 2018 at 12:00 CST. The submitted documents will be reviewed for completeness and qualifications for jury review. Ten submissions or less will be selected for review as final candidates. The design solution winner shall be selected from the final group of submissions in mid-December 2018.

It is the intent of the Humanitarian Respite Center Design Competition to evaluate and shortlist a limited number of finalist entry designs, with a winning design entry selected. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Brownsville intends to negotiate a commission for design services with the winning entry design team, or potentially a subsequent design team until one is chosen.

Submission or selection as a finalist or as the winning design entrant for the Humanitarian Respite Center Design Competition shall not entitle the design team to any monetary prize or the promise of an architectural/engineering fee or commission for design services from Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Brownsville or any entity or individual in any way with the design competition.

Submission of a design entry grants the Humanitarian Respite Center Competition and the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Brownsville the right to display, publish, reproduce and distribute the submitted materials without restriction or compensation.

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